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Textile Traditions. Art. Fashion. 

The name Kalamkari, originates in the Persian, قلمکار which is derived from the words qalam (pen) and kari (craftmanship) translating to drawing with a pen. And even though the entomology says 'draw', Kalamkari originated as a form to 'document' stories. Stories of everyday life, of folklore, and of mythology.  Even today when you talk to an artisan in Sri Kalahasti they 'write' a kalamkari and not 'draw'...

Featured Pieces

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There were two kingdoms only:

the first of them threw out both him and me.


The second we abandoned.

Under a bare sky,


 I for a long time

soaked in the rain of my body.

He for a long time, 

rotted in the rain of his.

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NIKITA - 27-6-232660.jpg

Then like a poison,

He drank the fondness of the years.

He held my hand with a trembling hand.

“Come, let’s have a roof

over our heads awhile.

Look, further on ahead, there 

between truth and falsehood,


a little empty space.”

Empty Space, Amrita Pritam

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