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Kalamkari is the art of drawing on cloth/textile with a pen. With a 3000-year-old history, Kalamkari is believed to have been known in Persia in addition to India. Practiced in both printed and painted styles, kalamkari has been popular within South Asian circles of global textile trade.


Srikalahasti, a temple town within the Chitoor District of Andhra Pradesh, flourished under the patronage of temples in the 19th century with their demands for hangings with strong figurative and narrative components. Thus, fabrics exhibiting rich vibrance of natural colors painted to depict the grandeur of mythological tales have become a unique character of Kalamkari at Srikalahasti. Only natural dyes are used, involving at least 23 individual stages of processing

Bringing the textile tradition of Kalamkari in an inter-generational & cultural experience through hands-on workshop and textile art. 

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