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Nikita cultivated her connection with Kalamkari over a decade under the mentorship of Mamata Reddy, one of the only practitioners who has sustained the craft in its authentic process. Through Untitle, Nikita's main mission is to carry Mamata's work of revival and sustenance of the 3000-year-old process to the next generation. While working to go back to the original form of kalamkari of 'story cloths'. 

At the brand, we buy fabric from artisans that have been forgotten and collect dust at 1.5x price. 

If we are creating new textiles, it is naturally fibered, handwoven, and sustainably created by indigenous artisans.  

We strive to empower the “artisans” intellectually by co-creating each artwork with them as fellow “artists”. 

We are a small passionate team who believes in 100% transparency. We can tell you cost breakdowns, artisans who made it, and the supply chain. (We are working on to get this data to you here. But till then you can email us at and we will answer your questions.)

We strive to pass on kindness and intellectual and material support to the ones less privileged than us.

We conduct pro-bono design workshops for artisans, and give them art books, museums, and resources at par with "artists" and "designers". 

10% of our profits go to various relief and emergencies at the grassroots. 

In 2023; we contributed to the WomenWeave Charitable Trust in Maheshwar, which came to aid the flood disaster caused to the weaving town of Maheshwar, India. 

10% of all sales in November-December 2023, will be directed to aid women and children in Palestine, Sudan, and Congo. 


Kalamkari: Kalam Creations Artisan Society, Mamata Reddy, Nikita

Other fabrics and trims: FabScrap, Materials for the Arts, Sufiyan Khatri.

Surface Ornamentation: Katran Studios, Mumbai, and Nikita, NYC 

Headband and Accessories: Co-created with Silpi Sala, Tirpathi. Production by Nita Vora, Mumbai 

Garment Makers: Factory8, Rhoda Malanka Nikita, NYC; Jewellyn Alvares, Mumbai

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