An enthusiast of textiles and crafts, I am a textile design graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India, and a fashion design major from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. 

My tryst with artisanal textiles began with Maheshwar and Bagh's weavers in India, where I worked for my graduation project. That journey led to find my calling and dedicate myself to a voice of clothing that means more. I worked as head designer for Gaurang for seven years until I moved to New York. 


I have spent the last two years working in New York as a consultant designer for Western luxury and craft fashion enterprise with key interests in India and more recently, as a craft mentor for the global craft humanitarian organization, NEST. My key responsibilities during this time has been to conduct design and market research, mentor design students and craftspeople, and to support conscious fashion businesses in their design and product development.

​Dedicated to my belief in the grassroots, I have been an advocate of its importance and inclusion daily. My stance is that of an insider-outsider; on the one hand, a practitioner, while on the other, an individual socialized since birth in the rituals and language of handmade clothes. 

This is the journey of a girl trying to narrate the forgotten stories of culture, roots, and meaning through textiles, fashion, and art!