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Crafting textiles has been a means of social cohesion, storytelling space, wisdom sharing, and preserving traditions for years. Textiles have brought together communities and have acted as bridges for cross-cultural understanding and cultural preservation for future generations. Nikita brings the culture of textiles from the grassroots of India through curated academic and informal workshops.


This series is for someone who is curious about South Asian textiles and wants to start their journey. The workshops give you a brief history of the craft leading into practicing hands-on.

No previous experience with textile arts is required. I will instruct and mentor group members in various textile techniques via live demonstrations and practices. You will learn techniques such as kalamkari, mirror embroidery, soof, desi bharat, aari, applique, and more.

These sessions are designed as a group of 5 going from Kalamkari to embroidery, but stand individually too and can be taken at any time!

January-May 2024.

Last Friday of each month (6-8 pm)

Brooklyn, NYC


This series is for individuals who have already been a part of Fursat 2023 and those who already have a base knowledge of textiles and crafts. I invite you to our little parties to get to know the crafts and community deeper. 


Delving deeper into the technique and skill of the craft, we would look at the process of creation.  We would look at processes taught within institutional structures v/s the process of creation of an artisan. We would delve deeper into what fursat means in the mind, body, and technique of an artisan.

We will pick one (or two at the most) craft(s) for us to delve deeper into. Painted and Dyed Textiles and Embroideries

January-May 2024.S

econd Friday of each month (6-8 pm)

Brooklyn, NYC

Platty Patel

" To me, fursat meant at leisure but what it felt was ease. Ease in my breath as my fingers learned the art of holding the bamboo pen and drawing what came from my heart. Mindfulness with creativity is what I discovered about myself through Fursat by Nikita" 

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