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Fursat — फ़ुर्सत — فرصت

Inspired by the concept of Fursat, a term used across South Asian languages which invokes a unique sense of “leisure,” “reflection,” and “wisdom,” the workshop series brings together two textile crafts from India,

one of my janm-bhumi (birth-place): the beautiful embroideries of Gujarat and one of karm-bhumi (work-place): Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh. 

the goal of this workshop series will be to comfortably learn textile techniques while collectively sharing and reflecting upon our personal goals and achievements. 

Learn more and register: fursat 2023


Introduction to Kalamkari

Hands on live workshop demonstrating the Kalamkari textile craft and a simultaneous critical discussion of its history. 

Participants learn to create a simple Kalamkari piece which they take home. 

The aims of the workshop are for participants to understand the significant skill goes into making Kalamkari textiles and also think critically about the history of temple art, as something that is both "traditional" and "modern". 

To customize a workshop for your friends, family or organization write to me on 

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