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As a textile crafts and design consultant I work on both ends of the co-creation spectrum. On one hand I work with brands who want to introduce artisanal textiles into their ethos, or expand. On the other hand, I work with artisan clusters doing workshops and courses on creative thinking and design studies. 

The aim is to empower both ends of the spectrum and facilitate artisanal textiles on global scales. 

Design Thinking & Community

With a strong belief and advocacy for textiles at the grassroots, for slow fashion, and dressing the world with a little more meaning, I mentor artisan clusters. I undertake workshops on creative thinking and design studies for artisans. Empowering them with the formal structure of design, so they can interact with designers on a more equal level. 


Clients for artisan clusters have included makers in Phulkari,  Andhra Pradesh, Ajrakhpur. 

I also mentor students who show interest in this sector and guide them on their path and have been conducting workshops with NIFT and Creative Aspirations. 

Textile Craft Design

I undertake the whole design process of the textile craft segment. From trend research and forecast to the creation of artworks, colors, technical design and implementation in the craft with access to a wide range of artisans in India, I have ten plus years of bringing together crafts on a modern and elevated platform. 


I specialize in working with brands that are focused on the grassroots – whether it is a start-up or an established company. 

As a NEST fellow and independent consultant Past clients have included: Marasim, Legado, FivePVenture, Collective Humanity, Seeds & Stories 


P.C Marasim

"the luxury of clothing lies in its textiles

the luxury of textiles lies at the grassroots"



Stoies from my textile journey 

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